My name is Jerry Rundstrom. I'm a Christian international worker from America, living in Kiev. I've known Vitaly for 4 years. I can vouch for his character as being above all reproach. We first met him when a woman we knew indirectly from church connections was here to adopt. She ended up stranded by weather at the airport and, by chance, met Vitaly. He bent over backwards- always with the best intention of providing help and not to just make money -to help this lady and the little girl she was adopting. Since then we've never used another taxi driver. We use him for ourselves and any guests that come to Kiev. He is honest, hard-working and reliable.

Though I hesitate to put my email address, here it is:

Because I like and respect this guy I'm willing to do this in order to provide more info as needed.

Jerry Rundstrom

Man with name Gerardo, set his e-mail -, write I would like to share a comment about the services we recently booked with your company.

I had the opportunity to share two business trips from Kiev to Cherkasy (about 200 km) this last week, which saw us transported safely, comfortably and diligently with Vitaly and Witto transfer. We would like to recommend this service and will make us of it if we are back again in Kiev.

Gerardo (Spain)

Here it is : "I met Vitaly two years ago, when landing at Borispol and surrounded by an army of guys with faces of assassin proposing to drive me to Kiev for crazy amounts, I saw this guy, smiling and nicely dressed Asked him how much it would be and since the fee sounded reasonable, decided to go in his car. When we arrived at my hotel, wanted to give him more but he refused, saying that it was not the price agreed. Was so surprised that said to myself : I shall keep the telephone number of this guy for my next visit.

Since then, Vitaly has driven me arround Ukraine many time, always on time and finding alternative drivers when he could not come himself. So if you need a well educated driver you can trust, do not hesitate : call Vitaly"
Olaf (Paris)

I highly appreciate and recommend Vitaly and his team for their professionalism. Their responsiveness, solicitude, timely service and integrity surely stand above the rest of the Taxi service crowd. I would definitely use their service again.


Man with name Peter Edstrom, set his e-mail -, write Mr Vitaly Shevchenko helped mee and my girlfriend during the time for EURO 2012 in Ukraine in Kiev. Mr Shevchenko was very helpful and his service was more than perfect. He was kind, calm, pleasant, effective and very good to be in time and very easy to make an appointment with. Mr Shevshenko was a driver with an service witch was more than excellent. He helped me and my girlfriend perfect from the airport to the hotel, to our new appartment next day, helped us to find the appartment-office where we get the key. He translate for us and then drive us to the appartment and then from our appartment to the Boryspol airport.

I recommend every one who visit Ukraine and Kiev to take contact with Mr Vitaly Shevshenko to use his services!

Peter Edstrom (Stockholm, Sweden )

Hi Vitaly,

Once again - thank You very much for Your excellent service during my stay in Kiev during the Football World Cup.

I especially appriciated that You kept every promise, arrived in time, very safe and comfortable driving in nice car, and so on. It was also nice of You to arrange another driver when You were out of work one of the evenings. Your friend delivered the same quality level of service. I found Your company totally safe, serviceminded and priceworth. That was exactly what I was looking for. So therefore: All the best to You! Looking forward to hire You again when Ib travel to Kiev next time.

Best regards

Bo Olausson (Sweden )

I had an enjoyable stay in Kiev.I organized from Germany airport transfers.I wrote a mail to wittotaxitransfer. The pickup and return transport ran without problems. Vitaliy was absolutely on time and his service was TOP. The price was also i.O. When I come again to Kiev, I\'ll call him back or send an email. He speaks English and Russian. His car was clean and very convenient. Service, price and very good entertainment. Thanks und BIS DANN (Frank aus BRD)

Frank Vonhoff

Hello Vitaly,

Thank you very much again for the great and professional transportation service you provided to my family! We enjoyed the journey with you and it was a very pleasant travel. When we visit Ukraine the next time we will for sure let you know to travel again with you. All the best for you, your family and your business!

Best regards,

Carsten Dietze-Selent

I recommend the transfer services of Witto Transfer. They are reliable, always in time, transport is safe, comfortable and prices are reasonable. You can count on Vitalyi ponctuality and probity. I have been using this company services for 2 years now and will continue in the future.

Philippe Jausserand (Paris France)

I've been in Ukraine many times and I met many taxi drivers. From all of them, I will only remember Vitaly. Very good driver, always pleasant, friendly and trustful. Since I met Vitaly, for me all is clear now I will never look for no one else because he is a real professional in what he doing

Julien Dupuis

I Visited Kiev in June 2012 with a group of 7 others. We came to Kiev to watch the European championship. I found Vitaly's web page on the internet as I wanted to book transport prior to my arrival due to it being busy during the Euros. We travelled in 2 separate groups and I arrived with 3 others at 5pm and was greeted by Vitaly’s business partner who was waiting for us on arrival with a sign with our name on it which made things very easy.

We were then taken to our camp which was just outside of the city centre. I cannot remember the name of the driver but I do know he spoken very good English and was extremely helpful and was more than happy to share any information about the city that we required.

My friends arrived in Kiev the next day and they were picked up by Vitaly. My friends could not speak highly enough of Vitaly and were very impressed with his professional service. My friends accommodation was not up to standard to say the least and they were then told that they had to leave due to over booking. Having nowhere to stay they decided to call Vitaly and ask if he was able to help. Vitaly immediately came to pick them up and somehow managed to get them a 5* apartment in the very centre of Kiev during the European championships. The rooms had Aircon, Wi-fi, Kitchen, Big bathroom etc etc and as I say it was right in the very centre of the city. All hotels and apartments were charging up to $800 per night at this time but Vitaly managed to get my friends this apartment for 4 nights for $150 bet ween them all. I could not believe this as the place was like a palace compared to my accommodation and I only wished that I had met Vitaly before I booked my own accommodation. Vitaly stayed with my friends until they were settled into the apartment and were 100% happy with this. He also showed them where the best places to go would be during the Euros. He left his phone number and told them that if they need anything at all during the stay at any hour of the day then to call him. Both groups used Vitaly’s taxi service on the way back to the Airport after our stay and again he was ready and waiting for us at the time we specified. He does not drive like most the other people in Kiev and made us feel extremely safe and welcomed into his country upon meeting him.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is going to Kiev and we will most certainly be using his services again next September.

Thank you for all your help Vitaly and making our stay all the better.

Kris, Munch, John, Prince, Kev, Edgar and Mark

I was very impress with Mr. Vitaly and his taxi service. To begin with, Mr. Vitaly speaks fluent English. It was easy to communicate with him and his drivers. When I use his taxi service to travel from Kiev to Odessa, the driver and Mr. Vitaly met me with a friendly greeting at the airport in Kiev. I liked the fact that his taxi company offered comfortable transport from Kiev to any city in Ukraine. Every time that I needed ever need a taxi while in Kiev, I could depend on Mr. Vitaly and his drivers arriving on time. The taxi drivers were always courteous and the automobiles that were used were always comfortable and had plenty of room. Most importantly, they were never late arriving to pick me up and their rates were affordable. On some occasions, Mr. Vitaly would recommend to me where the best hotels and restaurants could be found in the city of Kiev. As a foreign tourist, I found him this service to be very helpful to me. In Ukraine, there is no one better to recommend where to stay, and where to dine than someone who lives in the city of Kiev. I would highly recommend Mr. Vitaly and his taxi service to anyone who is interested in seeing the country of Ukraine or spending time in Kiev.

Lee (Dallas, Texas)

Mr Vitaliy Shevchenko as provided high quality transfer and taxi service during 2009-2012, where I was working in Ukraine. Mr ShevchenkoВ’s punctuality, flexibility and service minded nature was very useful for me being a foreigner working and travelling in Ukraine. I have also had the privilege of Mr ShevchenkoВ’s services in other matters making my stays in Ukraine easier. I consider Mr Shevchenko as a reliable person and a valuable service provider with a В“driving-safelyВ” mind-set which you definitely appreciate when you have tried otherwise.В”

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and take care of yourself!

Best regards


I utilized Witto Transfer for transportation to and from Borispol Airport and Kiev during June 2013 and was very pleased with the service. My flight was delayed numerous times which continually changed my arrival time. Vitaly was very responsive to my emails and was there on-time awaiting my eventual arrival at KBP. Vitaly is professional, courteous, and above all he is trustworthy. The rate was the same as advertised and Vitaly is dedicated to maintaining high ethical standards in his business. I highly recommend utilizing Vitaly and Witto Transfer for your transportation needs while in Ukraine.

Mike Kocsis (Seattle, United States)

We are two women who booked a pick-up from the Borispol airport to our hotel in Kiev fairly late at night. Vitaliy was right there with his sign to greet us. So he is very reliable. In addition, we got to listen to Creedence Clearwater Revival all the way to the of our favorite groups!
But even more, we accidentally left something in his vehicle. We were able to call him and he returned it to us late, late that night. That is exceptional service above and beyond the call of duty.
I recommend him without hesitation. He is a perfect introduction to the people of Ukraine.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

I ordered online with Witto transfer a taxi to go from my hotel in Kyiv to the Borispyl airport. I asked for a confirmation by email and received it within an hour.
In addition, the director of Witto transfer also called me at my hotel to make sure everything was clear.
Then everything went fine. The driver was here on time, the car was comfortable, the ride went smoothly.
As I had only a 50 Euros bill, I asked for some change in Euros and that was not a problem. The driver gave me back 25 Euros.
The price was competitive and the service of quality and I can therefore recommend this company.


Hello, I went for first time in my life to Kiev for bussines. I didn't know anything about the country nor how to get "safe" from the airport to my hotel.
I found Vitaly's site on the internet and read the comments about his service.
I can very much recommend Vitaly. If you want more information about my expierience feel free to contact me on my e-mail :

Chris from Belgium.

Dear Vitaly,
I'm writing this email to thank you for the great service you and your team has given me and my wife during our trip to Kiev. Before going to Kiev I've done a lot of googling on how to get from Boryspil to Kiev and was quite concern because of all the bad reviews/experiences I found on the internet. We took a chance by arranging for your service and we were very happy with it. After coming out to the arrival area a sign with my name were clearly shown so we didn't have to go though all the trouble of trying to find our ride and the best thing is we were able to skip all the hassel trying to find a taxi and negotiating price with the hundreds of taxi drivers at the arrival area. So with your service we were able to safe both time and money. I will recommend your service to all my friends who are planning a trip to Kiev. Thank you again for your service everything was delivered exactly as promised.

Danny P
Bangkok, Thailand